Into The City of Th...
By Princess_Mauve
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"My dear Luden, you trully are a haughty flower." "What makes you think that?" The girl questioned with a lugubrious aura. "It's just that you've stolen something very important to me." "And what could that be?" "You'll see." 「~♛♕♛ ~」 A story about a thief and a wealthy boy venturing out into the city of thieves. Equipped with nothing else but a smile the boy shall accompany the thief in her journey. Who would have known that a robber and a robbed person can get along? |♔∞♔∞♔| Enter the city of thieves, and see where your curiosity takes you. Into The City of Thieves is an original story by me. The characters and plot all belong to me, and therefore nobody is allowed to take, make use, or copy. This story have been a project of mine for a long time, so I hope you enjoy. [Spring Book Awards 2019 Finalist] -@Princess_Mauve

His Ermine Mantle

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Into The...
by Princess_Mauve