my little tattoo
By emilybirminghammm123
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"Ouch!" Lily mumbled, clutching her wrist. The small tattoo on her right wrist started heating up. And then it hit her, he's here. --- There isn't a single person on this planet who isn't born with a tattoo of something, somewhere on their body, Lily had been lucky to get something simple, a daisy. Only one other person in the whole world had the same tattoo as you, you were soulmates by birth. But if you didn't find your soulmate by the time you turn 22, you would die. Your soulmate is born on the same day at the same time in the same year. Something in your blood, in your veins, has a burning desire to be with them that's why your tattoo get warmer the closer you are to them. Lily's tattoo has been ice cold her whole life, she's pretty much given up trying to find him, with only 6 years left before she goes. Until one fateful day, her tattoo starts to burn. --- finished 15/05/19

Chapter 1

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my little...
by emilybirminghammm123