Once Upon A Neighbo...
By AuraRued
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Teenage Blessie always had a feeling that Seb de Chavez had feelings for her until one day she becomes convinced that the opposite is true. Is all as it seems? Even before Blessie was born, she had ties to the de Chavez family. Close friends of her parents, the de Chavez had three sons; one of whom, Seb, acted as her protector all through middle school, accompanying her wherever she needed to go to ensure that she was safe. Years of observing his gentle demeanour, good looks, and watching him achieve an MVP basketball title, Blessie begins falling for him. Sure that her feelings are reciprocated because of his reaction after she found herself lost one night, Blessie's world is turned upside down when Seb all of a sudden introduces Blessie and his family to his new girlfriend. Unable to accept it, Blessie makes a vow never to fall for a neighbour again. When she encounters Seb a few years later, the circumstances are different. Will Blessie's vow be tested when Seb enters her life once again?

Introductory Chapter

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Once Upon...
by AuraRued