Unexpected [BxB] (U...
By Yeon-Jae
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Book 5 of the The Werewolf series. Book 1- "Consequences " Book 2- "Unrequited " Book 3- " Insatiable " Book 4- " Seduction " Book 5- "Unexpected " Damien, leader of The Hunters, finds himself thrown into a whirlpool of emotions he doesn't understand when he learns that he is mated to the Deputy Head Warrior of his friend's pack. Being a human, Damien has always wondered what it was like to have a mate. Someone who was literally the other half of your soul. Someone, chosen specifically by the goddess herself and being human, he always thought that was impossible for him, until he met Will. Will, has spent the past three years of adulthood believing he was without a mate, only to come to the realization that his mate is in fact human. But that's not all that bothers him about it, but the fact that Damien doesn't seem to feel the bond as strongly as Will does and the more he tries to make an effort, the more he feels like there's something that Damien's hiding from him. Can Damien overcome the darkness of his past and give himself over to his mate, or will his past forever haunt him and prevent him from finding true happiness? NOTE: This book is a BL book and contains a homosexual storyline. If it is not something you read, kindly abstain.

Chapter 1

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by Yeon-Jae