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A school of superheroes If you are looking to become a superhero after a bit of time in high school, you change to a superheroes school, but now it was Roman's, Logan's, Patton's and even Virgil's who didn't believe he could be one. The four get three pro heroes teacher, Emilie, Remy and Deceit, who have mysteries of their own. With some hiccups on the way and super villains, the four become unsure if they really will be super heroes. (P.S before you read, Virgil is a push over at the start, and I didn't like that, if though out the book he becomes less of a pushover with out reason that is why) (Thank you) SANDER SIDES are not owned by me they belong to the incredible thomas sanders (I ALSO DO NOT DRAW ANY DRAWS IN THIS) The one drawn up the top was done by @Fandomfrenzy1228 (Thank you)


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Sander si...
by DoomKitten-