Perfect Body
By Shy_RMG
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Breath... Inhale...exhale You kept telling yourself over and over. You laid sprawled on the ground your body in pain from doing just two push ups. Okay, this is just pathetic. "Are you seriously tired, already?" The red haired boy asked exasperated. "No, I'm just laying. My body is prepping for the workout" you responded matter of factually and sat up. "P-prepping? What the hell, we ain't cooking here" your trainers voiced pitched higher in aggravation. You smiled sheepishly and he beckoned you to stand up. You wiped the little drops of sweat from your forehead with your arm and stood up as you followed jungkooks instructions. "We stretch" he said bending down to touch his toes. You mimicked what he did until you heard the material of your pants rip from your behind. _____ Trying to work out is not easy. With the help from your strict trainer. You try to work on getting the perfect body, but is it really what you want?


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Perfect B...
by Shy_RMG