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By maximumluv2004
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This is a Sanders Sides themed "Choose Your Own Adventure" story! For those who haven't read this type of story before, the basic concept is where the reader (you!) makes decisions throughout a story. Based on the decisions that the reader makes they read a different storyline that follows their decisions. (Just keep in mind that you can't just scroll through this book and you'll be fine) That being said, I can't quite give a proper description for this one, as I don't know what path you will choose! But I hope you enjoy it! :D I worked with a bunch of Sanders Sides Authors to write this (there was no way I could write this by myself). Here is a list of authors who have written chapters for this book along with me: Sassy (SassyCC): she/her pronouns Tana (MT_Reade): she/her pronouns Diana (TheMechanicsofLiving): she/her pronouns Rose (mind_writing): they/them pronouns Jay (TheBroadwayJay): she/her pronouns MoonGazer (MoonGazer215): he/him pronouns Light(ning)/Star (LightningStar102): they/them pronouns Pride (SuperNerdsCosplay): all/any pronouns __________ Start Date: 03-27-19 Post Date: 08-24-19 __________ Cover Art Created by Tana, MT_Reade


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Choose Wi...
by maximumluv2004