Finding Love Again...
By NamrataVerma7
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Everyone deserves second chances, but not for the same mistakes ofcourse. How much it sucks when you know you should let go, but you can't because somewhere deep down your stupid heart you are still waiting for the impossible to happen. She was broken and He was sad ..!!! Fate played them both in the past.....!!!! One had a crush and the other one had no clue about it....but then ways of life striked....they were apart from eachother... unknown to their reality...!!! Now at present they sat facing each other in for another game of fate...!!! Vikram Rathore: A handsome Man of 29 years, billionaire businessman but broken inside out. Fate changed him into someone arrogant and careless. Owns Rathore Interprises and to his employees he is a ruthless boss. But he is a complete opposite to his two princesses, Smriti, his 24 years old baby sister and Kiyara, 3 years old princess who rules his heart. Akira Singh: A beautiful soul of 27 years who is a fashion designer, owns a personal haute couture studio, inspiring but hollow at heart. Her only treasure was her parents and her 3 year old son, Vidit. Wondering how they came face to face in not so appreciating situation...could it be another play of their on to know will they come together this time....will they accept each a knot of marriage....Finding Love Again at second chances..!!! 34 in #royals Hola Girls and Boys, hope you all will enjoy this unpredictable Love ride of "Vikira". English is not my first language and also this is my first time writing a story, so kindly forgive me for any mistakes. This story is completely fictional and any resemblance is totally unintended. Now please join the Love Journey of Vikram and Akira and try to support me in whatever ways you want. Your likes and comments are always welcome.

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Finding L...
by NamrataVerma7