Baby Daddy (C.H)
By MonsterxCalum
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Calum's the bassist for the hit band 5 Seconds Of Summer. Born and raised in Sydney. He's carefree, high school drop out, 18, famous, and loves to party. What happens when he gets a knock at the door that will change his life forever? Sophia's from the small town of Limerick Ireland, who moves to Sydney, Australia. Attending the UNI tuition free as long as she plays as captain for their football team. With a pro female football career in her future and a current babysitting job on holidays. What happens when she lends a helping hand to this troubled star? Will her career die before starting? "Ms. please? I have no experience with children and all I ask is for help. Just till I get the hang of it i'll be out of your hair..." He searched my eyes for an answer to his plead. I couldn't leave him like this. I sighed "Ok. I'll do it. But..." "But?" "You can't... I mean you can't. Fall for me at any cause." I said in all seriousness. He nodded understanding. "Thank you so much."

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Baby Dadd...
by MonsterxCalum