Mating Season
By FeastOfNoise
  • Werewolf
  • alpha
  • love
  • mates
  • mating
  • rejection
  • season


An ancient feud between two rival packs is the reason why Amber lives the majority of her life among the strongest pack in the Northern Hemisphere as the hated Omega, not knowing that she is destined for greatness, for the blood of an Alpha courses through her veins. When she finally finds her Mate, who turns out to be none other than her own Alpha, the infamous, cold-hearted Lucas Blackthorne, she is immediately rejected for being an Omega, but not before Lucas marks her in a moment of heat, dooming them both to a life of insatiable need. Banished from the only home she ever knew, Amber is forced to become a rogue when she meets her greatest ally, who helps her realize her full potential. Six years later, Amber is content with her life as Alpha of a pack that rivals her former one, and is owner of a flourishing-albeit illegal-business. Just when she thinks she has got a chance at true happiness, someone from her former pack is found murdered on her territory. Now, she must answer to her furious Mate who comes barging back into her life just when Mating Season, the time when her need peeks, is around the corner, all while an evil lurks in the shadows, waiting to strike. Published by TAPAS MEDIA 2020 Mating Season is copyrighted © 2020 by FeastOfNoise. All rights reserved.

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Mating Se...
by FeastOfNoise