Hunted. A Pack Novel
By CourtneyMcGuiggan
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After being on the run from her abusive ex-boyfriend, Violet knows that there is only one place for her to go to find protection; her childhood home of Blacksprings and The Pack motorcycle club that she grew up in. But the Pack has a secret that they are willing to kill to protect. The Pack is no ordinary motorcycle club, they are generations old werewolves. The Pack's well-guarded secret is put into jeopardy as protecting Violet puts them on the radar of her ex's father Senator Ryder Abbot who is notorious for trying to destroy the 'outlaw' community within America. Violet's life is complicated enough as it is but when she begins to reconnect with her first love Seth and Pack VP it throws all of her well laid plans out of the window. As rival supernaturals the Coyotes make a play for the Pack's territory Violet must work through how far she is willing to go to protect her family and the ones that she loves. Cover by @AndressaVan #877 in paranormal December 8th 2019.

Chapter One: Violet

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Hunted. A...
by CourtneyMcGuiggan