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••• 'There's no point in trying Amity. This isn't a war you are going to win.' The warrior smiles and a flock of ravens start to gather around her. 'This is only the beginning. See ya next time Cousin.' ••• Act with grace, beauty, innocence and delicacy. Isn't this what the stereotypical princess supposed to act like? Well, in Erosia the capital of the Stone Empire the royal family, who benevolently rule over their kingdom, have some royally ridiculous problems. A girl called Amity. She fights, she punches, she runs, she breaks the rules. She is also the Princess. When Amity hears of a prophecy, which ultimately is the catalyst for the rest of her life, she stumbles into a world which is unforgiving and cruel. She has to face darkness with her five companions. And destroy it. Easy right? But when she is visited by a dark warrior in her dreams, the battle is more personal and close to home than she ever thought. Her life will never be the same.

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