Kenyan Heat (Darkin...
By abrobinette
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[COMPLETED NOVELLA] Nathan Allen, born Nassor Jelani, is an orphan. He's never met one of his own kind, having been adopted by an American couple. One full moon while on a mission in Kenya, he comes upon a werelioness. His beast bungles the meeting, yet the man cannot forget her. Nate is pleasantly surprised to find her on a rainswept Nairobi street the next morning. Dr. Ife Bayo is an independent werelioness. A loner who's never needed anyone, she is annoyed when the alpha of alphas in Africa insists she becomes his mate. Then, the next morning after a full moon transformation, Ife meets the man of her dreams. After their lovemaking is interrupted by the African First's goon, she becomes concerned when she can't forget the mystery man as quickly as she has her other lovers. Ife's life is turned upside down as the two werelions stalk her, wanting to claim her for their own. Will she realize she can be with Nate and still retain her independence? Can Nate convince Ife that he is so much more than a simple scratching post for her lust?

Chapter One

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Kenyan He...
by abrobinette