Who's Afraid of the...
By Draconis
  • Mystery / Thriller
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Have you ever tried to escape the wolf? Jessica tried. And failed. Infact, you could say she got caught by the wolf. When a criminal escapes from jail with a stone infused with the most powerful dark magic alive, no one is safe. Jessica Thompson is 15. She can't seem to do well in school, her best friend is away all summer, and her parents won't stop yelling at her. In her dispair, she runs to a cave, and falls into a portal leading to a dimension within our world. There she meets a boy who can transform into a wolf, a boy who can command fire, and even a few vampires. Not to mention a girl who can control boys' emotions, an 8 year old who can bend water to his command (much to the distress of the 15 yr old fire user), and a little girl who has been gifted with telepathy. Perhaps there's even a little romance involved with a certain green-eyed wolf? However, it's not all fun and games...because there's some dark power involved here. Something that's bigger than all of the super-natural world combined. The problem? Jessica may be the only one alive who can save both the super-natural dimension, and the human one.

Chapter 1: The Wolf Boy

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Who's Afr...
by Draconis