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By TeemahGujbawu
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Amira Muhammad Danbatta Mets an intriguing Person On Instagram and immediately clicks With him.Chatting with him,She learns different ways of seeing the world and interacting with people. With her finding solace with a total stranger away from the drama of her life who doesn't judge her actions,She realized she is in love with him but doesn't know anything about him. She doesn't know his identity neither did he ever disclose anything about himself and nor does he know anything about her or the family she comes from. The Danbatta Family have their Culture, Traditions and Beliefs Which Dada, The oldest member made sure it is kept and that included the Tradition of Arranging the Marriage of the Female Daughters and Granddaughters of the Danbatta Family. Will Amira ever find her Lover or will he find her first? And even if she does...Will the Traditions of Arranged Marriages Change for her?

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Online lo...
by TeemahGujbawu