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By kiri-shine
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Everyone has a soulmate. The only way to figure out who your soulmate is involves a certain type of currency that can only be earned by actively doing good deeds. The amount of points a person has can be seen above their head always. It only disappears once the soulmates have confronted the other. 17 year old Eijirou decided to finally spend his points after years of never truly trying to seek out his soulmate, but it comes with a great mental tole that he's not sure he can handle. Bakugou hadn't ever spent his points, and quite frankly, he didn't have very many in the first place considering that fact. He didn't care for the soulmate crap, and just wished that he could do what he wanted without that damn word weighing him down. > No quirks > A lot of swearing > Soulmate AU > Boarding school AU --I own non of the characters--

First Exchange

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Point Sco...
by kiri-shine