By Izzyhall33
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Katarina Night has been alive since the Salem Witch Trials in 1692. Surprise Surprise, she's a witch. Since her mother was caught and burnt alive for doing witch craft, Kat has been in the care of her aunt. Now it's the modern day, Kat lives in New York with her cat, Salem. Working as a bartender, Katarina only tries to live her life as normally as she can. Yet fate has different ideas. Damien Blackwood; CEO of Blackwood Industries, millionaire and top bachelor. The handsome gentlemen has a secret of his own. He is the ruler of the underworld. Or more commonly known as the Devil. What happens when the most powerful witch in the world and the devil bump into each other? Will sparks fly? Or will everything end in hell fire? "I'm in love with the Devil." "She has magic in her fingers and devilry in her bones." ***** "Oh kitten...still so young and pure." Damien stalks towards me; my back pressing against the door. "Funny, Damien. You're the one who wants to taint me. Bring me into the darkness." "That's where the fun is." He traps me behind his arms. His towering frame leaning over me. "No matter how hard I try...you will still come after me?" "Of course I would. I love you." "We're creatures of the underworld...we can't afford to love." ***** -Graphic Content! -Mature Content! -Graphic Language -Violence 16+ I'm serious guys. This story will have a lot, A LOT, of mature scenes and a lot of graphic content. I'm warning you.

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by Izzyhall33