I as a Villainess D...
By ReachTomorrow
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I am now Rosa Vimechz. But behind my mask lies my other past self, Aizawa. Without knowing, I became a character in a game that I created during my high school years, my game. But worse, I became a villain that had a deadly end. The one who tried to disrupt the heroine's love life and steal both her men and glory. In the game, the villainess was stabbed to death and stuffed in a barrel which was thrown under the great sea. What I want essentially is peace and the freedom of choice and expression, I don't like being held back. How would I get that when I woke up already being engaged to the crowned prince? Easy, I'll wait until the day he meets the heroine, then when he wants to break our engagement, I'll gladly agree. But everyone, even my parents don't seem to think of me, in good light; the one you are engaged to a prince, who is a kid, does that make you a paedophile? Of course not, we now had the same age but is that not peculiar? it absolutely is I have bigger things to meddle with instead of useless teenage romance that would get me exiled, I got business.

Chpt 1

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I as a Vi...
by ReachTomorrow