Witches Of Brestle...
By BeccaMosez
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"Being a witch was one thing I fantasized about as a kid, but now that I am what I ever wanted to be? I wished I never wished I was a witch." ___ In an attempt to save Brestle Cove from her Narcissistic bond, Henry Luci (Cody Christian) who also happens to be the son of Lucifer; Emery Williams (Daniella Campbell) opens a door to their doom and endangered the lives of every single soul in Brestle Cove, which also led to thousands of witches aiming for her head, but with the help of her new friends, Judy Lebran (Chelsea Gilligan) a witch from the Lebran coven, Cyrus Clerk (Grey Damon) the son of a witch who happens to have a very important past, Cory Law (Chris Wood) a Forbidden who happens to be a new boy in school with a great knowledge about witches, and also her evil bond: There is little hope for the restoration of peace in Brestle Cove as they all try to stop all the creatures that escaped from the door and juggle Highschool while they're at it.

Pilot Episode

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Witches O...
by BeccaMosez