The Devil
By omer7890
  • Romance
  • arrangedmarriage
  • arrogant
  • badboy
  • billionaire
  • hate
  • jealousy
  • love
  • mafia
  • rich
  • romance
  • secrets


Kevin Jones is the person you want to stay away from by all means. He will use you, then throw you out like a dog. He will make you feel, then break you into pieces. He is the perfect example of a monster without feelings. A monster that will never let anyone in. Mariah Evans is not so different. Hunted by her tragic past, she learned to never trust people, not even herself. The only thing that makes her feel is running. The only thing she can't run away from is him. Follow the story of two people who somehow, don't even believe in love. People would call it fate, but these two are forced to live together, under the same roof, with their extreme differences. Will their journey lead to love or destruction? Highest Rankings: {#1 IN ROMANCE} {#1 IN MAFIA} {#1 IN ARRANGEDMARRIAGE} {#1 IN JEALOUSY} {#1 IN SECRETS} {#1 IN RICH} {#1 IN ARROGANT} {#3 in love} {#3 in hate} {#4 in badboy} {#8 in billionaire} *In the process of editing*

Chapter 1

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The Devil
by omer7890