Play Thing
By PerfectlyPerfects
  • Romance
  • darkromance
  • dominance
  • dominant
  • firsttime
  • forced
  • forcefull
  • kidnapped
  • marriage
  • plaything
  • possessive
  • taken
  • torture
  • virgin


"P-please, stop it, Grant," I begged pathetically, teary eyes staring up at him. He had my arms pinned above my head with one hand, as the other slipped into my shorts. I bit my lip, refusing to moan, as his finger slipped inside my folds. "Oh, you know I can't do that, baby girl. It's time to claim what belongs to me." _______ Nineteen year-old Vivian Lancaster has a quick, unfiltered mouth to her. Which gets her into a lot of trouble. However, nothing could have prepared her for what is to come. Her sister, Eve, is twenty five year-old, beautiful, elegant, and able to snatch any man of her choosing. Well, almost any man. When thirty year-old Grant Beckings refuses Eve's advances, she goes for his father, marrying him within two months. Both to get closer to Grant and because his father is ridiculously wealthy, something Eve is excited to be for once in her life. When Grant finds out, he takes his anger out on Vivian. For two whole weeks, he whisks her away to a secluded home of his. But, even after he returns her to their mansion, the torture doesn't end. _____ ⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ This book contains rape, kidnapping, mature sexual scenes, and violence. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK, please and thank you!


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Play Thing
by PerfectlyPerfects