Doomed: DownHell
By EmptyHopes_
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When an outbreak of virus burned the Earth's raw floors, and a section of the human race developed new animalistic characteristics, the skies started a countdown for this world's promised annihilation. "Drown in your friends' own blood." A dawn of a new war was awoken where Feather Waldo stood. Yet between the Hybrids and the Humans who breathed life into an association of bloodshed, the latter one already printed their 'WFA' labels in over twenty-seven different countries. Flames soared, and allies loaded their guns to shoot each other in the backs. But while everybody crawled forwards, it felt like Feather was clawing her way to her past instead. People were not who they fought for, enemies were somebody else's heroes, and the whole world was an ocean of pitch grey. Yet one thing grew even clearer under every other midnight: there was no good or bad. Those who did Evil and those who fought to Live-their purpose was merely the same word reflected in a mirror, the same word that dragged everything...DownHell. Highest ranking : #3 - survivalofthefittest #25- lord


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Doomed: D...
by EmptyHopes_