By Siennafrost
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  • pansexual
  • poison
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  • revenge
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  • seduction
  • sobstory
  • tragedy
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Poisoned by the blood of a vampire leader whose kind she lives to hunt to avenge her family's murder, Veronica Wolf is forced to work for him for an antidote. Having learned that by drinking his blood, a one-sided bond is formed between them which allows her to manipulate him with her emotions, she sets herself on a course to lure him into finding her family's murderers by trying to seduce him. Meanwhile, Remus Valentin, Gate Keeper of the vampire realm running for the leading political position in his own world must stay on top of the game and never allows himself to be manipulated by Veronica or he stands to lose everything he's worked for. He must deal with this unexpected bond he has with her and try to keep his distance but finds himself being drawn closer and closer by her attempts to seduce him. This is a story of revenge, betrayal, manipulation and seduction, of bad boy and bad girl going at each other's throat in a deadly game where the risks are high and the love and desire will drive a stake through your heart. -- # Second place Fireworks Awards 2019 for Vampire/Werewolf- # # EWA 2019 Awards Long Listed for Vampire/Werewolf #

One - A Lack of Heart

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by Siennafrost