Mister & Miss V...
By melodiyuh
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Amor F. Simson always consider everything as a competition especially if Liam Lee B. Devuelva was involved. Academic performances, leadership competition, math quizbee, extra curricular activities. She consider every platform where they stood together as a battlefield. Even when it comes to love and relationships. Just like a typical teen-ager, Amor also have a guy she admire the most. His name is Isaiah John N. Valdevera. The guy she always try to catch on the gymnasium every end of class hour. Back to Liam, he is Amor's biggest rival when it comes to school ranking. She always fall behind him no matter how hard she strive. Her insecurity took over which is why she made a grave mistake. She kissed Liam in front Andrea, his girl as a revenge. To ruin Liam's romantic life. To make it up with the angry Liam, Amor did everything to reunite Andrea with him. However, in the middle of her plan, her brain will be govern by adrenaline, dopamine, and serotonin-the chemicals that are released by excitement. The chemicals in her brain that makes her attracted to her most hated enemy, Liam.


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Mister &a...
by melodiyuh