Eternal Damnation [...
By XxScarletMaidenxX
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I turned the letter over in my hand, I hadn't seen my dear sister, Cecilia, since the fire, the doctors weren't sure she'd make it and she'd spent the past two years recovering from her extensive injuries. I'd thought I'd lost her. The letter was written in her beautiful hand on fine parchment in a beautiful lavender ink. Sebastian entered my study with tea and gave me a curious look. "Is something the matter, young master?" He asked as he poured the tea. "My sister will be returning to the manor." I sighed remembering the last time I had seen her. This story was written years ago on my old account XxDarkSuccubusxX (back when I hadn't quite read the manga yet and only season 1 and season 2 of the anime had been released) so forgive me if the plot is a bit 'meh' haha. I have been getting a lot of requests to bring this one back so here goes. I hope you enjoy. Apparently this needs to be said again: On the Grell Vs. Grelle thing.. guess what kids both are acceptable spellings, I use Grelle in this fic because that is how it appears in my PURCHASED manga, both are acceptable spellings, its a matter of preference, please don't be jerks.

~ Chapter 1 ~

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Eternal D...
by XxScarletMaidenxX