My Alpha Mate Rejec...
By kiddoforeverrrr
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Belle Daphne wanted love from everyone but when every time she tries something, she always failed. Being a young sweet girl, she wanted nothing more but love from her mate because her pack members always say that finding their mate was the best thing that ever happen. However, that was not the case. She was rejected by her mate who happens to be her best friends. But the moon goddess was so cruel to her that she was left with a broken heart. She felt useless, angry, sad and heartbroken. She wanted nothing to stop the pain from her heart and wants everything to end. So she decided to end by running away from her pack...... Sneak peek: I say, "Can you two do me a favour?" He say, "What do you want?" I say, "I want to make him regret from doing what he had done for me." He smirk and say, "Sure. But what is the plan then." I discuss the plan with the two people that I can count on now and they nod their head in response. She say, "This is going to be fun!" I nod my head in response and drank the wine that I hold.... -------------------------- ACHIEVEMENT: #1 in Kidnapped #6 in celebrity #12 in cosmicawards2019 #11 in Selena Gomez #180 in hatred #210 in celebrity #348 in power #393 in sweet #426 in broken #499 in trust #738 in war #870 in revenge


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My Alpha...
by kiddoforeverrrr