Fearsome Princess C...
By aerusaerus
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The 23rd century's Xue Fei Yun is a peerless genius, trained meticulously by the kingpin of the underworld who adopted her to succeed him as the next generation leader. In 1 year after she took over her adopted father's spot as the new head of the organisation, she brought a whole new level of "Fear" to the underworld organisations. Be it looks, assassination, medicine, politics, martial arts there was no one better than her. Her only friend, Xiu Lin betrayed her trust and took Fei Yun's life... But this was not her fate. Fei Yun woke up as the daughter of General Xue. She learnt that the previous Feiyun lived a life of hardship. Her father was fighting the war for the last 3 years, her stepmother, Concubine Xia took the opportunity to dispose of her. Her step sisters, Qi Qi and Zhen Zhen also took joy in watching her suffer. But now she's no longer the weak daughter. She vows to climb up and return them fear like never before. She was willing to use anyone, even the God of War that everyone fear but in the end who is using who? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ranking: #1 Genius/ 2.3k Stories #1 China /6.7k Stories #1 Assassin/ 23.8K Stories #1 undiscovered/ 5.5k Stories #1 ColdPrince - ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ please forgive any loopholes, grammar, mixing of chinese culture and weird names. I'm not very sure about the hierarchy thingy in palace as well. This is my original work and im new to writing and i just wanted to explore ;] enjoy !! all pictures used are not mine, credits to owners!

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by aerusaerus