Only Ocean
By loualou19
  • Romance
  • action
  • drama
  • intense
  • kids
  • love
  • lovestory
  • mature
  • mysterious
  • ocean
  • protective
  • raft
  • romance
  • roughride
  • sad
  • survival
  • surviving
  • tearjerker
  • teenfiction
  • trauma
  • truelove
  • unexpected


Meghan Polinsky was excited to see her long distance boyfriend of four years when she took her trip to Brazil. All that hope was squashed as soon as the pilot announced that the plane was about to crash. You know you will die. No one comes out alive from a plane crash right? But she didn't expect to be stranded on a raft with a undeniably sexy stranger... Throw in a bitter old man, a doe eyed little girl, and a silent little boy, as they try to help one another survive. The life changing isolation and trauma they just endured and will continue to endure... They need one another as a raft. Not to just float above all the sharks but to make it out alive and keep one another sane. ••• "Lucas's strong hands pulled me up and I sat like a lifeless doll in front of him. He gave me yet another blank stare then turned, once again, to the water as if it was actually entertaining him. I felt frustrated as I huffed loudly to get his attention. He turned to me still with his bone-chilling stare. It was a cold stare but I still found my safety in it oddly enough. I stared at him blankly getting lost, forgetting why I came over here. I sat there as the raft slowly rocked back and forth. "Need anything?" Lucas said seriously. ••• Highest ranking: #1 in raft #1 in surviving #1 in trauma #2 in intense #3 in tearjerker Started: 3-17-19 Finished: 12-30-19 WARNING: MILDLY INAPPROPRIATE LANGUAGE AND THEMES


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Only Ocean
by loualou19