Fairy to Spriggan
By girlish_army0495
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"all you did was just close a freaking door, even yukino could that alone without your help" what's wrong with you "if i didn't helped yukino she could've died" but i helped "she's stronger than you heartfilia can't you see that" why? "just leave the guild already we don't need people like you that rely on others to save themselves" if that's how you feel then I WILL after natsu made lucy leave the guild everyone in fairy tail felt devistated and hated natsu for making her leave because he was the reason why she joined the guild, he soon regret saying those words tried to talk to her but she was know where to be found. not in her apartment or at the heartfilia mansion, but he never gave up finding her even after the dispanding of the guild after the battle with tartarus . with lucy after natsu's hurtful words she left magnolia and set out a new adventure to prove him wrong that she is strong, along the way she meets a wizard which many feared and never dared to battle; August one of the spriggan 12. he offered her his help to teach her what he knows, lucy didn't like it at first but she would do anything to prove him wrong so she agreed and brought her to the Alvarez Empire and trained her along with the other spriggan 12. how will her members react to this? will lucy kill her friends just to prove one person that they're wrong? will lucy come to her senses and join fairy tail to protect fairy heart or destroy the people that love her

Chapter 1: His words

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Fairy to...
by girlish_army0495