Revenge Or Love?
By rashi_cutie
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(Updated regularly!) Manik was going to be married with Alya but at last moment Alya ditched him and fortunately or unfortunately Manik has been married with Nandini for family reputation. But will Manik accept Nandini that easily? Will he give her rights which she deserve😀😀😀 Or this will lead to a revengeful story🙈🙈 Lot of confusion🙆 Add the book in your library and follow me to be in touch with this book😍😍 When two stranger are bounded to marriage💖💖 One is a Stubborn head🙊 and another is cutee and down to earth😘😘 But what if one of stranger came out to be a crush of another stranger!!! Exciting nah😍😍 Will there be then also any revenge or unknowingly love will bloom knowingly😜😜😜 Peep in too see what you happen when destiny will choose them to stay together!! Join the journey of Manan to found out Will there be a Revenge or Love story??


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Revenge O...
by rashi_cutie