Call Me Master
By SayaCielkill
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✔Completed✔ -Smut book- Cover By: me Tomura x Deku Ages: Izuku- 15-16 Tomura- 17 For a Sadist, there is always a Masochist and for a Masochist, there is a Sadist.... Deku was a quirkless kid for most of his life making most people in school pick on him and abuse him for that, even is own childhood friend he nicknamed Kacchan abused him, Deku had suicidal actions but....that lead him finding he liked the pain so much he lusted over it.....when the end of the last middle school year Deku finally got his quirk telekinesis, Deku does his best to become a hero but he had to keep his lust for pain a secret Tomura always enjoyed the pain of others and to get what he wanted, but there was one thing he couldn't because his pleasure was someone's else's pain... what will happen when a sadist means and threatens a hero that was secretly a big masochist.... Started: November 13th 2018 Ended: December 30th 2018

Chapter 1- Day at school

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Call Me M...
by SayaCielkill