Worlds Collide (SAN...
By MiraiShiaki
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"It's so nice here, when I grow up, I want to stay here and be like Father! I'll take care of the children!" "Yeah but... are the other kids happy? When they left The House they never write to us..." "Of course they're happy, Cross! Maybe everything is new on the outside that's why they forgot to write, they will soon!" "Not everyone is like you Ink." "Hush, Error, if they won't pick you then I won't leave!" "Will you two lovebirds take that far from me?" "Cross!" "Cross!" "Nevermind, but we all know that St. Lewis Home is the BEST orphanage ever!" ---*~~~*--- "We-were...*pant* mis-taken r-right? *pant*" "Tha-*gasp* that was NOT Pa-papyrus, r-right?" "Ink... I'm sorry but that was Papyrus." ---*~~~*--- "Escaping here would be the best option, Cross." "How do we suppose to escape, Chara? Our knowledge about outside is limited." "I know... but I will protect you and your friends... until we reach the end of this place..." All characters belong to their respectful owners... Pairings: ErrInk (Error x Ink) CrossMare (Cross x Nightmare) Kreme (Killer x Dream) AfterDeath (Geno x Reaper) HorrorLust (Horror x Lust) DustBerry (Dust x Blueberry) SciFell -Possibly- (Science x Fell) Other AUs will appear through out the story. Warning: This story is made up of my blown up mind and I didn't know what I'm doing so... First Book! Cover is still being decided. Also, this book is inspired by an anime called: 'The Promised Neverland' Cover is not mine. Characters doesn't belong to me.


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Worlds Co...
by MiraiShiaki