Natures Hold
By wzrwzr
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In the past Charlotte was saved from her cursed fate by Yami, a man she knew barely anything about before then, and yet despite her lack of knowledge of him she felt her heart was stolen by the man who had rescued her. Now, years after their first encounter Charlotte begins seeing signs of her curse once more, showing that her interest in Yami was merely out of gratitude for him saving her, blinding her into believing she loved him which was enough to suppress her curse. With the curse returning she knew she would have to find someone she truly cared for no matter what, even if said person was a magic lacking boy with his own heart set solely on the goal of becoming the wizard king. Oh yeah, I don't own Black Clover or any of the characters, if I did there'd be more ships.

Brief Introduction

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Natures H...
by wzrwzr