Civilization Beyond...
By VDhriti
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Eleven lords, eleven living planets was all they had left now. Centuries ago, there'd been thousands, but all of them fell and were captured, victims to the merciless immortuos army. Humanity attracts these soulless beings, they crave to destroy it. If this pattern continues then the next one would be...Earth...unless the prophecy comes true... Daniel Ventus, a teenager from a small city suddenly discovers that his life has become what he had always dearly wished- a fantasy novel (not literally). He is suddenly responsible for the safety of the planet Earth and its people. He is a Lord. Not only does he have to train and excel to prove that he is worthy of the title but also juggle his school life and suspicious parents alongside. But his problems don't end here, they just keep on increasing. Updates - every week This is a work of fiction. Not a fanfiction. Any similarities with any character or book is a coincidence.


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by VDhriti