Struggles of a Band...
By -ChemicalGee-
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Do You feel like the odd one in your friend group? Do people call you emo? Can you not go a day without headphones, CDs, skinny jeans, and eyeliner? are you obsessed with 2008/2005? and are you a Hot Topic spending addict? Do you cry about My Chemical Romance and have you ever listened to Fall Out Boy until midnight? Have you ever listened to 40+ songs in one day? Do you crave to go to a concert? and is Billie Joe Armstrong your idol? and Brendon Urie is your bae? Do you dream about playing in your own band? Is band Tees your only fashion? well if you've answered yes to at least 3 of these. Then you've stumbled across the right book my friend. This book is for people just like you. People obsessed with the emo quartet and other bands. People who don't fit in. My friend, you most certainly aren't alone. If you love FOB, TØP, MCR or Panic! you'll love this book!


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by -ChemicalGee-