Bad boy gave punis...
By RoseMaccbell
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#1 in antibulling ''" She gasped as he tightened his hold. Her hands were burning because of the pressure. "Stop it?" "How could I?" He stared at her with a questioning look. "You made a mistake by slapping me and now you have to pay for this." He spat as he cornered her in the spacious room. His hand slowly reached over her face and settled on her tears. His piercing gaze captured her for a moment. Slowly, his fingers grazed her cheek and removed her tears. One of his hands leisurely reached it's destination towards her nape and pulled her closer. They were inches away, staring at each other but her shrilled scream made them apart as his hand grasped her hair tightly. "You know what will happen next , so be prepared." When he leaned back, his face was more clear in the hazy light. His eyes were dusky with a tint of blue. His flawless appearance would charm everyone around him. His messy hair, striking skills, breathtaking look and hunger for power made him more conceited. People would worship him for his looks and supremacy but she wasn't the one to fall. All he had done is tormenting her since she has stepped into his alley. She whimpered as he stepped closer. He was so tall that, he had to lean down to level her gaze. His lips were closer to her ear. When he spoke, hot breath sent shivers down spine. His lips almost touched her earlobe, his hair brushed against her cheek. Smell of black currant hit her nostril. "Good bye, sweetheart." She knew what was coming next. Her ultimate doom was coming next. When Travis decides to punish Casie it becomes an universal truth that Casie's life will officially become hell . Why? Because Travis Xander is no ordinary person. He is the devil himself who doesn't own followers but worshipers. What will happen when fate brings them under one roof? And what did Casie do that Travis is furious about? Read to find out!!


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Bad boy...
by RoseMaccbell