The Game
By htx_devon14
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When small town girl, Kinsley Collins and her best friend Sebastian Beckett are sent to a boarding school after a certain incident, involving her older brother, Shawn, that her parents blame her for, she runs into Shawn 's ex best friend Clay Hemmings. Clay and Kinsley haven't spoken since the 7th grade and she had hoped to keep it that way. Little does she know that Clay is actually the younger brother to the world famous, Luke Hemmings. After Sebastian convinces Kinsley to go to Clay's party, shit goes down. But because of her love for her best friend, and for Luke Hemmings, she deals with Clay. For one night. That was the deal. One night is all it takes for Kinsley to change her mind about the senior and old friend, Clay. As soon as she starts to fall for the boy, everything changes. When Kinsley hears a conversation between Sebby and Clay, she is hurt and feels betrayed. The worst part was, everyone around her knew. How did she not? Everyone else thought they were just hanging out for the hell of it. No feelings involved. What started out as a game for Clay, soon turned to having actually feelings. What happens when Kinsley finds out his dirty little secret. "How long did you think you could keep you little secret for? Huh? You really thought I wouldn't find out? Honestly. I knew you were dumb, but I didn't know you were just down right fucking stupid," Kinsley spat at me, tears brimming her eyes, one falling as I hung my head in shame. "Well c'mon, where is big bad Clay Hemmings? You have never cared about me before, why would you now?" Oh, Kinsley, you just don't know how wrong you are. And based off of what is happening right now, you never will.


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The Game
by htx_devon14