The Deal (Lucifer x...
By StormyThanaHades
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I went to the cross roads and did the summoning spell. "Oh great a Winchester." The Demon groaned. Then looks down and sees a devils trap. "Of course." The Demon sighs. "Where is Lucifer?" I ask. "Somewhere, maybe nowhere. What's in it for me? Lucifer would kill me if I told you anything or even knew I was talking to you." The demon says. "And I will kill you if you don't, so either way you die." I smirk showing the Demon my angel blade. "Great, just my luck! Fine, Lucifer is possessing the president of the United States!" The Demon stats annoyed. I look at the demon wide eyed. "You know what, I want you to give Lucifer a message for me." I say. "Why the hell would I do that?" The Demon asks. "Because, I'll owe you one if you survive. Plus if you don't take the deal I will just come back and kill you." I say bluntly. "Fine, what is the message?" The demon asks crossing her arms. "Y/n Winchester says to meet her here at the crossroads tonight for a deal."


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The Deal...
by StormyThanaHades