Wings of Freedom
By Caicieskate
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(Inspired by Crystalscherer's "Upon Wings of Change. I highly suggest reading it as it is an amazing book.) Zara Bennet has never been one to run away from a fight. She is a merciless spitfire and quite the mischievous girl. Her favourite thing to do is play nasty pranks. But when Zara is kidnapped by some weirdos in white coats and wakes up in a new body, things start to change. Her home is destroyed leaving her to rely on her newfound instincts to stay alive and out of the way of the aliens. She's been doing great at it for the past few years. Until after an accident, when she's left on death's door and, once again, is kidnapped. Don't people know it's rude to take someone without their consent? Sneak Peek: I hiss at the man who's holding me as he stretches my wing and immediately throw my claws into his arm. He's put me in just the right position to be able to slash at his inner arm. I grin ferally and watch as the man yelps in pain, blood trickling out of the deep claw marks on his arm. The scientist looks at me in surprise. "Specimen D5844 has succeeded in getting a hit on the lab assistant and seems proud of herself. Her intelligence should be monitored, in case there is more than meets the eye." I hiss at the scientist and dig my claws deeper into the lab assistant's angry red skin. He quickly drops me, letting the air flow past me and beat into my scales as I fall. I swiftly start to panic. I hadn't thought this far ahead yet. ----- Highest Rankings: #1 in AlienTechnology #2 Dragonet

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Wings of...
by Caicieskate