Emerald Heart (un-f...
By corpsemoths
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"Dammit Jotaro..." Kakyoin muttered to himself. He couldn't be mad, It wasn't Jotaro's fault, all of this was Kakyoin's doing, because a deep cut he inflicted upon himself tore open, because he had this stupid, horrible habit of feeling wonderful when he felt the pain of digging something sharp into himself while he reminded himself of every little thing he's doing wrong. How he doesn't talk to people and cries when he's upset and how he's deeply in love with his very best friend in the whole world because he can't keep his damn emotions in check. "Fucking hell!" The sobs continued, lightheadedness overtaking him, blood splattered on the floor and no longer was he trying to conceal the volume of his desperation, he knew where this was going. Kakyoin managed to choke on one last agonizing sob before losing consciousness, his strength leaving his body from deprivation of air and blood, as he slipped off the toilet seat and knocked his head against the floor, his vision fading until he felt nothing. And he liked it this way. [Jotato Kujo x Noriaki Kakyoin]


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Emerald H...
by corpsemoths