Chicago Treasure
By StaceyLS
  • Poetry
  • art
  • children
  • fairytale
  • illustrations
  • inclusion
  • multi-cultural
  • museum
  • photography
  • poem


A new hardcover book of photography, illustrations, poetry, and prose that celebrates inclusion and the boundless creativity of children! By digitally imposing photographs of children into fairytale illustrations, classic works of art, and photography of iconic urban scenes, "Chicago Treasure" creates a whimsical world where any kid can dive into a storybook and become the main character, step into a painting at a museum to take a closer look, or explore cultural landmarks in bold ways that may not be possible in the boring confines of reality. While diverse youth from all walks of life populate "Chicago Treasure," many are students at the Chicago Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually Disabled's preschool. In this inclusive and empowering book, every child, regardless of ability, ethnicity, gender, or age is free to see themselves take on great roles in literature and art. Accompanying the memorable images are clever original poems and playful newspaper articles from the "Chicago Pretender" that tell fresh, condensed versions of classic stories.

"Chicago Treasure" puts young people at the center of the adventure

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Chicago T...
by StaceyLS