My Neighbor Is A We...
By Wannasamuel
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"A fucking what?" " Wolf, A werewolf! And we share a mate bond." Ong Seongwoo stared at Daniel's solid brown-amber eyes like he had grown horns for one minute straight before rolling on the ground with laughter. It was too funny to believe. He spoke between the fits of laughter "Did you eat up your own brain cells this time, Daniel? All we shared over the past 5 years is hatred and now what the fuck is a mate bond" "We're..we are destined to love each other for the rest of our life." Seongwoo doubled with laughter, clutching onto his stomach. "Yea...sure Daniel! I can't believe you brought me to the woods to say something as stupid as this. I'm leaving, and you should visit a doctor on your way to home!" With that Seongwoo started walking towards his car, while looking at the starry night still chuckling at Daniel's madness. His laughter soon died down when he heard a low animalistic growl from behind. He turned around only to meet the same brownish amber eyes. But there was no Daniel. There was a wolf. A big white wolf glowing magnificently.


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My Neighb...
by Wannasamuel