The Obsessed King (...
By nothingbutawhim
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"I will chain you up and keep you in my bedroom forever. The only one who you will ever love is me. You are mine Ella and nobody, not even God can change that." Ella wanted a simple life. Nothing too lavish or extraordinary. She wanted independence, to fly free like a bird and travel the world, to see things beyond what they seemed to be, but one fateful meeting changes it all. And now, all she wants to do is escape, but he won't let her go, no matter what it be. The question awaits, Will she escape this madness to find her true self in the process? Or will the darkness bring her down to hell? [Caution : Dark Romance] [The novel may contain scenes of abuse, emotional and physical, forced actions and dark sentiments. Please proceed with caution.]

The fateful meeting.

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The Obses...
by nothingbutawhim