The Death of a Drea...
By Repulsify
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Magic and ego always go well together be it in either the hands of a tyrant or a hero. In the world of Belvegarde, kingdoms are fraught with war, as men slaughter each other with steel and magic in the name of their old Gods. Mystaline is not one of those armored, volatile savages. She's a young, sheltered woman who is one of the Gifted, mortals born surrounded by Mist and blessed with different forms of magic. Unlike other musicians and singers, she is able to turn any backwater rhyme into a beautiful song that can move thousands and heal them. It is because of this that she vows to use her gift to mend the war-ridden kingdom of Caledonia, which she calls home. But instead of achieving the fame and recognition she thought being a Gifted would come with, Mystaline instead discovers the cruelty of Caledonia's inner circle. Unbeknownst to her, the Gift she was born with is the catalyst that will drown all of Belvegarde in blood. *cover and banners were painted and designed by me* ---updates at least once a week--- *Featured on newlywrittenbooks's Fantasy reading list *1st place Fantasy - August Blue Rose Awards *1st place Overall - August Blue Rose Awards *1st place Rookie - August Blue Rose Awards *1st place Fantasy - Courage Awards 2019 #56 in highfantasy (08/06/2019) #36 in epicfantasy (9/29/2019) Started July 30, 2019

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The Death...
by Repulsify