Hemmo Baby (Luke He...
By donnasleight
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under extreme editation She was just a girl who bumped into a guy at a coffee shop when on vacation. But what if that guy was part of a band What if he was Luke Hemmings! For 13 year old Donna she's shocked no way could any of this happen she was too young! What if Ashton Irwin has something to do with the girl then Michael who soon becomes her best friend. The summer holidays are over and... Things start to happen she takes the test POSITIVE. Now she must get back in touch with her summer love. The young teens afraid, she has a huge secret to keep from everyone. Can Beau help Donna since they met in Starbucks or will her life fall apart? A summer love could end with a baby. I know what your thinking Is it Luke's? Is it Michael's? Is it Ashton's? Reporters cant know as Donna goes out of the spot light after a summer with Luke.Is the teen girls life about to turn upside down? Or will Luke be the one with an unhappy ending after all the hurt he has caused? Warning- Swearing, Sex, and Adult content.

Chapter 1

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Hemmo Bab...
by donnasleight