Sweet Nectar (Ellis...
By veraroberts
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It had been over two years and I haven't spent one day I haven't thought of him. Of us. How much I missed him. How much I'm still in love with him. Soul Ellison. The love of my life. The worst heartache of said life. I chose my career over him, though it was a decision I knew was a huge mistake the moment I made it. When I left him back at his Harlem townhome, I wasn't expecting him to come back. He did. With a vengeance. Our obsession with each other was only complicated by our intense desire and love. I needed him like I needed air. He was my drug and I didn't want to go to rehab. He was richer than sin, a craving stronger than the most decadent dish, and he was all mine. Navigating through a world where paparazzi follow my every move and I become the gossip fodder I once reported on, I wonder if this is a life I want? Soul promises he'll do anything to protect me. I only wonder if we're strong enough to protect each other. Bestselling and USA Today featured author Vera Roberts's Ellison Brothers series concludes with Sweet Nectar, a sexy venture into the fashion industry, insta-fame, and if love truly conquers all.

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Sweet Nec...
by veraroberts