...Us? (KiriBaku Fa...
By LeGaysAndLeLesbos
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Kirishima has gained a crush on the hot head of the class, will bakugo like him back? He starts doubting himself again. He's starting to believe the people who said he couldn't achieve anything, he's starting to believe he really was useless. Bakugo has also had some mixed feelings about the spiky red haired boy, he's never felt this way about anyone before. Does he love that ball of sunshine? He thinks so, but...will Eijiro Kirishima like him back? Would that ruin his "manliness"? He's starting to doubt that Kirishima will like ever like him back. Warnings: 🚫Language (Bakugo Duh?)🚫 🚫Get ready to be triggered with my bad writing🚫 🚫Bad grammar🚫 🚫Spelling mistakes🚫 🚫emotional shit🚫 🚫Depressed Kiri🚫 🚫Smut(maybe... not really sure)🚫 🚫underaged drinking🚫 🚫A worried Pomeranian🚫 YES! Okay I deleted the other story, I honestly didn't like the book itself. The plot line was everywhere! It was honestly confusing, I liked the image and name of the book but again the plots sucked. It sounded like a one shots book kinda, that wasn't what I was going for so I deleted it. Simple really, anyways enjoy the remake of a terrible book! :D Highest rankings: #35 - Bakushima #1 - depressedkiri #11 - shortchapters #1 - somanyships #6 - bakukiri #8 - momojiro #11 - rewrite #1- bottomkiri #1 - tokoshoji #1 - topbakugo


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...Us? (K...
by LeGaysAndLeLesbos