AIYANA || Kim Taehy...
By vivi19_12
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Im nothing without you. Every single day every single hour every single minute every single second I miss you I miss us. I cant do this anymore! Please baby, come to me jebal. "Hyung! I cant bear this pain anymore, this time I cant handle it. Hyung it hurts alot, I feel like someone is stabbing my heart with a knife and burning it. I-i cant even get this pain into words...I do-dont know how to." "Hyung it kills me." The young boy said finally lifting his head and looking up at his brother with tears rolling down non stop. Even though he try to stop his tears, even though he try to be strong to her, he cant after all he's someone with feelings and emotions. "Please do something I know you can hyung." The innocent boy said to his brother, their leader who always solve their problems but this time he cant, this time he cant do anything and it hurts him alot to see his little brother like this. Everyone knew Taehyung wasn't someone like this who's infront of them right now, and it kills them to see him like this. They wanted their brother who was happy always and there's only one who can heal him and that is her, the girl he loves heaven to back but what can they say to her when she gets to know the truth? How can they heal her when the truth hits her like a bitch? But they knew even if she came to him, he wouldn't be healed fully. And they knew its gonna be painful for both of them, and they can't do anything because they are helpless at that point. Is this how an idol's life would be? Would something like this happen to a girl that an idol would love? Read and see what's going on between the love story of an idol and a girl, who happens to meet each other one day in a very strange and a weird way... When there are so many obstacles coming after their lives would fate let them stay together or will they fight for their love for each other. By Fabulous Awards 2019 -Best couple award-


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AIYANA ||...
by vivi19_12