When Eros met Psych...
By LunaHart13
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Psyche Miller has been titled "The Most Beautiful Women in the World!" While her mother/agent is thrilled and happy about this title boosting the modeling career they've worked on since she was three, Psyche can't help but feel empty and numb. She's been an actress and model all her young life. The fans, the cameras, the no room to grow, she hates it all. She never wanted this life, yet she had no choice. She is tired of this life and dreams of going to school, to live an exciting life without crowds following her. Aphrodite has come down from Mount Olympus, wanting the humans to worship her again just like the old days. She hosts her talk show "Women from Venus", has her own makeup line, fashion line, and does so much for charity (only if they're cameras around). When Aphrodite hears the news of Psyche being the most beautiful, she decides to take matter into her own hands and sends Eros, her son, to kill her. Never disobeying his mother, he agrees to. However, when he sees Psyche for the first time with his own eyes, he decides to protect her instead. 1k 6/5/19


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When Eros...
by LunaHart13