The Mistress: Book...
By AllessandraSilis
  • Horror
  • blood
  • gory
  • humor
  • killer
  • murder
  • mystery
  • scary
  • serialkiller
  • terror
  • thedollcollector
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Description is the most popular website for anyone looking to have an affair. After all, it's only a sin, if you get caught. However, six users have been found dead with their hearts carved out and placed in white gift boxes. The only clue left at each grisly scene is a note signed '-Love, The Mistress.' As the case gains national attention, Tulsa slips into a panic, realizing its first female serial killer is stalking the city for those hiding dirty little secrets. The FBI steps in to put a stop to the mysterious murderess, but won't give up their client list. With their identities hidden, The Mistress is as good as nonexistent. Left with no choice, the FBI turns to the only option they have, Kristopher Marner. The notorious Doll Collector is the only one who can find her now. But the question stands, what happens when two serial killers cross paths? The Mistress is your worst secret come to life and no one is safe when she's on the hunt. After all, murder is only a sin, if you get caught. Posting Schedule: Sundays Published May 24th, 2019

Chapter 1: The Mistress

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The Mistr...
by AllessandraSilis